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The Fighter & The Kid

The Fighter & The Kid is a weekly podcast hosted by successful comedian and former professional UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. Each week, Brendan is joined in the studio with a guest co host. TFATK is uncut and unedited, and sometimes it’s just ridiculous.

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The Golden Hour

The alums crew from King, Sting, and Wing, relaunch as The Golden Hour, diving into all manner of cultural and social topics weekly, providing a straight-up roast session built around engagement with long-time fans of the show. Headline comedians Chris D'Elia and Erik Griffin join Brendan Schaub and top-tier comedian guest appearances weekly, including the show Alum Theo Von.

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Good For You

Comedian Whitney Cummings interviews guests (friends, comics, celebs, experts, weirdos) every week. Known for her stand up comedy specials for HBO and Netflix, Comedy Central Roasts, multiple television series and films, Whitney has a lot of questions for a lot of different kinds of people. She also has opinions. And a robot. Subscribe to hear interviews that are always interesting and never too long.

TV & Film
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Broad Ideas

On Broad Ideas, Rachel Bilson is joined by long-time best friend Olivia Allen to talk about sex, mental health, their belief (or lack of) in ghosts, and so much more. They’ll be joined by old friends, young friends, and some friends they haven’t met yet to have fun, casual conversations about the same kind of broad topics you'd find yourself discussing with your girlfriends.

TV & Film
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The Friendship Onion

Join your favorite Hobbits, friends and co-stars, Billy Boyd and Dom Monaghan as they take a look back at their time on The Lord of the Rings. Featuring interviews with cast and crew, diving deep into life behind the scenes, and answering the many fan questions, The Friendship Onion will peel back the layers of their friendship, both on screen and off.

TV & Film
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The John Campea Show

The John Campea Show Podcast features John Campea and guests as they discuss the news and trends in the world of movies as well as other topics that catch their interest from TV shows to sports to world events.

Infographics and Stats

Why Are Podcast Conversion Rates so Much Stronger?

According to SemRush, 20% of podcast listeners are more likely to support a brand that advertises on their favorite podcast, and 60% of listeners searched for a product they heard about on a podcast. The podcast advertising market has been outpacing other digital advertising methods due primarily to more outstanding conversion rates. To the average more sophisticated podcast listener who is constantly on the go, conducting a work project, cleaning their work or home space, or working out, podcasts are not just background noise, they are "binge-able",  with listeners having greater affinity to their hosts, putting their trust in a whole host's ecosystem of related product and service. While strategy is highly complex by product, demographic, and technology, the experts of Pod Frog can help you navigate the industry to identify the most effective shows to find your addressable audience, maximize conversions, and maintain your customers.

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US Podcast Advertising Market
Size Estimate & Forecast

The Global Podcast Advertising Market is expected to double in the next two years to $4 Billion due to Podcast Conversion Rates that are Nearly double That of Social Media, PPC Marketing, TV and other Forms of Media given the Captive Audience of the Listener, the Ethos of the Podcast Host , and Sophistication of the Early Adopter Podcast Listener in a Still Immature Industry. The Charts Attached Display How Much of the Market Has Grown and Retained, as Podcast Listeners Tend to be The Most Open-Minded, Identifiable, and Trend-Setting Audiences to Bring Your Product Into the Limelight. Start Turning Listeners into Consumers Today with Pod Frog!

Around 144 million people listen to a podcast each month, and 38 million are monthly recurring listeners

The podcast industry continues to show resilience and loyalty among its users. Listeners are often early adopters of new products, making the podcast community the perfect space to launch your new good or idea. With a staggering 424.1 million listener addressable market worldwide, it is predicted that this figure will eclipse 500 million by next year, according to Demand Sage. 78% of the US is aware of the podcast industry, of which 28% listen weekly and 33% on a regular cycle. With more than 5 million shows worldwide and greater than 70 million available episodes to choose from, the Frog has data and representation of nearly 37% of the market to navigate your podcast marketing efforts best.